Dar Savanna Sources its crude material from the wild Acacia Trees in the African Savannah Region across Sudan through ITHT® (Ideal Tapping & Harvesting Technique) a standardized process conducted by the Gum Arabic Farmers to ensure best quality of product yield, ease of performance for the farmers & protection for the trees & environment from season to season. ITHT® is aided by the use of the “Garraha®”, a special patented tool developed specifically to extract the finest Acacia exudates to deliver the best product for our valued customers. We strictly use community fair trade suppliers. All of our products are Organic GMO free produced without the use of heating or spray drying.

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Pure Gum Arabic Lumps from The Acacia Senegal trees (Hashab) known worldwide as Kordofan Clean Grade. Also known as (Grade 1).  Collected, cleaned & graded by experienced teams complying with highest standards of quality & efficiency.



Dar Savanna specialty HPS (Hand Picked Selection) produced from the richest Acacia Senegal Forests in Kordofan Region with the Aid of Dar Savanna “Garraha®” complying with ITHT® (Ideal Tapping & Harvesting Technique).


Kibble (SG6, SG14)

Pure Gum Arabic (Acacia Senegal) Hashab granules, processed mechanically at particle size(s) that suits all customer requirements. SG6 particles Size range (from 0.5 to 6mm) and SG14 range (from 0.5 to 14mm). while we can also customize particle size according to customer’s choice.



Pure Gum Talha Lumps from Acacia Seyal Trees, Cleaned, sorted & graded with highest levels of attention to ensure customer satisfaction.



Gum Kakamout is the newest Acacia Gum in the market, SGKM is pure Lumps collected with care from the Acacia Polyacantha trees. Manually cleaned & sorted with most reliable standards. Can be used in many food industries with similar functionality to Acacia Senegal & Acacia Seyal.


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