Gum Arabic is a dried exudate obtained from the stems and branches of Acacia senegal (L.) Willdenow or closely related species of Acacia (fam. Leguminosae). A. seyal is a closely related species. Gum arabic consists mainly of high-molecular weight polysaccharides and their calcium, magnesium, and potassium salts, which on hydrolysis yield arabinose, galactose, rhamnose, and glucuronic acid. Items of commerce may contain extraneous materials such as sand and pieces of bark which must be removed before use in food. Gum arabic from A. seyal is sometimes referred to as gum Talha.


About Gum Arabic


Gum Arabic from A. senegal is a pale white to orange-brown solid, which breaks with a glassy fracture. The best grades are in the form of whole, spheroidal tears of varying size with a matte surface texture. When ground, the pieces are paler and have a glassy appearance. Gum from other acacia species may not have the characteristic tear shape and are often darker in colour. Gum from A. seyal is more brittle than the hard tears of A. senegal. Gum arabic is also available commercially in the form of white to yellowish-white flakes, granules, powder.



  • Codes for gum Arabic:

             Harmonized System (HS): 130120

             INS: E414

             Chemical Administration Service (CAS): 9000-01-5


  • Synonyms:



  • Functional Class:


             A D I: NOT SPECIFIED



  • Indigenous to Sudan, where over 90% of the worlds producing trees are reserved.


  • A forest product, completely natural and organic and provides livelihood to 6-8 million people dependent on it.


  • Two main species – Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal.


  • Essential to many important products as major ingredient in the food industry for many years.


  • 100% Natural, Organic Forest product that has no recorded expiry, subject to NO rodents or insects attacks.


  • GA’s demand is consistently increasing since the approval for Dietary Fibre (Prebiotic) from FDA & EFSA.


  • The name Gum Arabic came from the Arab traders who introduced this commodities to markets all over the world.

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